Bergman Design House unveils interiors for The Thoughtful Barefoot Luxury Villa in Dubai

Wellness-focused property sits within luxurious Tilal Al Ghaf Residential Community

by Adam & Megan

Bergman Design House, the luxury design studio co-founded by dynamic husband-and-wife duo Albin Berglund and Marie Soliman, has unveiled its newest project, The Thoughtful Barefoot Luxury Villa in Dubai’s luxurious Tilal Al Ghaf residential community.

The 6-bedroom, 6-bathroom villa with two powder rooms provides over 352m2 of exquisite indoor-outdoor living space and sits on Lanai Island’s glittering, sand-lined lagoon.

The Thoughtful Barefoot Luxury Villa by Bergman Design House offers intimacy, privacy and a quiet and peaceful indoor-outdoor sanctuary within which to relax, recharge and feel fulfilled.

With a light and airy palette and the use of natural materials throughout, the lines between outside and in are blurred, resulting in a soulful space in which owners will wish to kick off their shoes, soak up the surrounding nature and unwind.

Albin Berglund, co-founder of Bergman Design House, comments:

Our design palette is light, organic and carved with rich layers of Zen. We have used our signature materials and expert craftsmanship in a new calm and mesmeric space located in a stunning sandy lagoon within easy reach of the city of Dubai. This private residence is perfect for spending time with family and loved ones—it soothes and comforts, it is a sanctuary.

The Thoughtful Barefoot Luxury Villa by Bergman Design House is located on the lagoon with soft, inviting white sandy beaches; an idyllic oasis of calm within which to relax or be active. Along with sunbathing and water activities, residents will be able to enjoy purpose-built barbecue areas, a fully equipped outdoor gym complete with hydrotherapy pool and a range of beach-friendly sporting activities.

Marie Soliman, Founder & Creative Director of Bergman Design House, added:

My absolute favourite space in the villa is the hidden gym surrounded by the mesmeric landscape. I could personally live there all day! An absolute dream of fully equipped and tailored gym equipment, hydrotherapy, boxing, you name it!

Bergman Design House used natural paint without any harmful fumes or substances throughout this stunning villa. As a raw material, made from seashells, it starts as a stone or, chemically, calcium carbonate. It then gets heated with fire, during the process of which carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere, creating calcium oxide. After cooling down, the burned limestone rocks get mixed into water. This then liquifies the stone, and it becomes lime putty, or calcium hydroxide. The lime putty forms the basis of the paint, which then gets mixed and purified before pigments are  added. When it is then finally painted on the wall it completes the full circle back to microscopic stone. It does so with the simple action of combining itself with the previously released CO2 from the air.

Tilal Al Ghaf is the new barefoot luxury vision for the Dubai flagship multi-functional community of Majid Al Futtaim. It is conceived as an integrated life experience based on sustainable design, art and the science of organizing a place, to create a cultural and soulful community for family living.

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