Great Plains launches ‘Stay Fit on Safari’ experiences

Adventures include running with the Maasai in Kenya, Botswana Bush Hikes & Canoeing Zimbabwe's Zambezi River

by Adam & Megan

Great Plains, the iconic African eco-tourism organisation, has announced the launch of its most exhilarating safari offering to date with Stay Fit on Safari.

The new ‘Stay Fit on Safari‘ experiences include marathon-training with the Maasai in Kenya, hiking in the Botswanan bush, canoeing Zimbabwe’s famed Zambezi river and more.

From plant-based dining to in-suite exercise equipment ranging from exercise bikes and yoga mats to dumbbells, the health-conscious adventurer is well taken care of at all Great Plains camps.

“The Great Plains guest typically enjoys a healthy lifestyle and wants to keep this up while travelling,adds Great Plains CEO and National Geographic Explorer-At-Large Dereck Joubert. “And where better to do so than in the breathtaking bush? At our luxurious camps across Botswana, Kenya and Zimbabwe, explorers have access to some of the most naturally beautiful settings in the world, which lend themselves perfectly to this new array of once-in-a-lifetime active pursuits. After all, how many safari-goers can say they’ve kept pace with the Maasai!?”

Great Plains – Kenya -ol Donyo Lodge

The new experiences are available now at Great Plains‘ most iconic luxury camps in Botswana, Kenya and Zimbabwe and include:
Marathon-Training with the Maasai in Kenya

Available on request at the Mara Nyika, Mara Plains and Mara Toto camps in Kenya, Great Plains is proud to unveil the ultimate running adventure for athletes of all abilities. Accompanied by a member of the Maasai tribe, known for their world-record-breaking athletic skills, runners will be put through their paces with this new bucket-list-in-the-bush running experience. Whether participants are after a gentle 5k or a strenuous marathon-training session, abundant wildlife-spotting, breath-taking scenery and memories to treasure forever are all guaranteed.
Bush Breakfast on Horseback at ol Donyo Lodge, Kenya

For those who prefer to explore the wilderness on all four hooves, Kenya’s ol Donyo Lodge is the perfect pick. Serenely located in the Chyulu Hills in the shadow of Mount Kilimanjaro and home to an impressive stable of 20 horses, the lodge offers the unique opportunity to swap the rumble of the engine for the sound of hooves on the grassy plains. The most exhilarating way to start the day at ol Donyo is to earn your breakfast in the bush by horseback! Here, guests will ride through the bush – spotting giraffe and cheetah as they go – before arriving to a delicious breakfast set up, accompanied by birdsong, under the shade of an acacia tree. This breakfast may be far from camp but the team don’t leave anything behind, with freshly baked goods, hot dishes and fresh fruit-a-plenty making for a morning to remember.

Zip Down Zimbabwe’s Zambezi and Botswana’s Selinda Spillway by Canoe

Aquatic adventurers will feel right at home at Great Plains’ Tembo Plains camp, Zimbabwe, and Selinda Explorers camp, Botswana, where they can take to the water and admire the surroundings by canoe. Guests of Tembo Plains, which sits on the banks of the majestic Zambezi river, can hop aboard to spot elephants and more as they are mesmerised by the peacefully flowing water, all in the comfort of their very own canoe. Over in Botswana, guests of Selinda Explorers can wind their way along the famed Selinda Spillway, marvelling at the waterlilies, birds flying overhead and elephant herds as they go.
Biking and Hiking in the Bush in Kenya and Botswana

Guests of ol Donyo Lodge in Kenya can swap four wheels for two as they explore the lush surrounds by mountain bike. A truly unique safari experience, ol Donyo Lodge’s fleet of mountain bikes are perfectly suited for all ages and terrains, allowing riders to whizz along the savannah at speed next to giraffes, wildebeests and more. Further south in Botswana at Selinda Camp, Selinda Explorers and Okavango Explorers, hikers can follow in the footprints of the animals, gaining a new level of respect and awareness for the bush. Ramblers will also get a chance to learn about the ‘small five’ and the flowers that carpet the ground, understanding the terrain and the ecosystem that works in harmony with one’s surroundings. A great way to get to those 10,000 steps!

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