Ibiza’s newest restaurant Madunia opens its doors

A celebration of local flavours with stunning panoramic views of the bay

by Adam & Megan

Nestled along the west coast of Ibiza, where sun, sea and culture meet, Ibiza’s new restaurant Madunia has officially opened its doors with a glitzy opening party celebration.

Derived from ‘Mama Dunia’ or ‘Mother Earth’, the name ‘Madunia’ reflects the establishment’s deep connection to nature. The outside garden restaurant is perched on the hills of Cap Negret, offering panoramic views of the surrounding bay. The indoor venue has a rooftop terrace that serves as a sanctuary to witness Ibiza’s stunning sunsets.

Throughout the design and building process, careful consideration has been given to the environmental impact, with the team adhering to strict guidelines to minimize disruption to the surrounding ecosystem. From the composed colour palette to the integration of artisan works, every element of the venue reflects a balance between luxury and nature.

Executive Chef Ivan Arauz Beusink, trained at Michelin star restaurants in the Netherlands, and combines his Latin American roots with fine dining techniques to craft a menu that complements the Spanish way of dining: enjoying flavoursome, shareable dishes accompanied by friends and family. 

Madunia aims to be a celebration of flavours to be shared around the table. The vision is to serve dishes that narrate the story of the island in a beautiful and unconventional venue that gives a nod to a typical Ibicenca finca.

With dishes including gamba roja carpaccio, bone marrow chimichurri tuetano, Spanish Wagyu short rib, the menu offers a wide range of meat, fish, seafood and vegetarian options.

For more information, and to view the full menu, please visit: madunia.es/menu

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